No Use Crying Over Spilled Melky


The gang comes together to talk about BYU Football fall camp, Team USA, Damarcus Harrison, and more. Plus everyone laughs at Melky Cabrera.


No Use Crying Over Spilled Melky


The Flop Ep.1: the Scandal, the Rivalry, the Dream

Presenting a brand new segment from the PB&J report crew, in this week’s episode of The Flop, Jake Welch shares his views on the Penn St. Scandal, the BYU Utah Hiatus, and Kobe Bryant’s comments about the Dream Team.

The Flop Ep. 1: the Scandal, the Rivalry, the Dream

NBA Draft Mock Recap 1.0

In this week’s edition of the show the crew discuss BYU Football Media Day, recap the NBA draft, and discuss the irrationality of Italian National Team’s jerseys.

Also, check out LondonBalling for Team USA coverage all summer long.

June 28th

Russell Westbrook: Vampire Hunter

In this week’s edition of the show the crew talk about the NBA Finals, Scotty Brook’s lack of coaching ability, Jake’s softball team, sale fires, and the scandal that will surely follow the new College Football playoff.

Russell Westbrook: Vampire Hunter

The PBJ Report Rises

The report returns as the crew discusses BYU Football’s upcoming season, the NBA Playoffs, Cristiano Ronaldo man-crushes, Matt Cain’s perfect game, and Bronco Mendenhall’s momentous appearance on New Zealand TV.

The PBJ Report Rises

The PBS Report

On this week’s edition of the show, Preston is busy sending grad school applications to the dreaded enemy, so Jake and Ben are joined by Post-Jimmer’s own Steve Pierce to talk about the triumphant return of Chris Paul to the Knicks rumors, Heaps v Riley blah blah, lots of BYU Basketball (Nick Martineau slandering included), and finally more NBA talk.

The PBS Report

The Forward Pass Memorial Podcast

In this weeks edition of the show Ben tries to avoid talking about Tim Tebow while Colorado native Jake Welch basks in high almighty power. The gang discusses Jake Heaps, Brock Zylstra, and devise a nefarious plot to get Nick Martineau slapped with an Honor Code violation. All this and more on this week’s edition of the PB&J Report.

The Forward Pass Memorial Podcast