The Bench

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson has made several appearances on the Pod and currently holds the office of Rhombus Magazine’s Resident Armchair Economist. He is an avid Colts fan, a fact that breaks Ben Wagner’s heart, and is also the Podcast’s Tennis expert. He is currently living the fast life as he tries to juggle his studies in Economics at BYU, his new duty of parenthood, and playing lots of N64 when the baby sleeps. You can follow him on twitter @d_anderson11

Alex Desmet

After having won the PB&J Report fantasy league challenge multiple times, Alex joined the PB&J Report crew as the the Pod’s Fantasy guru. Alex graduated from the University of California San Diego with a degree in Political Science, and is now attending Villanova Law School. You can follow him on Twitter @blaxicopuress

Danny Duke

Sir Danny of Duke is the PB&J reports resident soccer expert and Manchester United fan. In fact, both Ben Wagner and Jake Welch were avid soccer haters (Jake Welch might still be, we’re not quite sure) until Duke introduced them to FIFA 06 for Playstation 2 during their freshmen year of college, effectively ruining their GPAs. Danny resides in Salt Lake City, where he may be setting up that city’s branch of the Jimski Fredette Fan Club. You can read Danny’s thoughts on sports at his blog or follow him on twitter @MUFCW10

Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rhombus Magazine and a regular contributor to the PB&J Report. He is a fan of all things OKC Thunder, as well as having a rooting interest in the Washington DC area teams. You can and should read his online publication Rhombus Magazine, and you can follow his thoughts on Twitter @steve_pierce

Jamie Wood

James Wood is from the Seattle area and thus, loves the Mariners and Seahawks (and cries himself to sleep over the loss of the Supersonics). He is an avid baseball fan, and is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at BYU. You can follow him on Twitter @jamie_wood


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